Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WNF Talks with Boston College CB Donnie Fletcher

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                   For most people, a back injury would be a major setback. For Donnie Fletcher, it meant sitting out the season-opener of his senior season against Northwestern. By the second week, Fletcher was back on the starting line-up, where he would remain for the season.

The 6’0”, 201lb cornerback from Boston College is known for his physicality. His instincts for the game also set him apart, something he showed off on January 23rd in the Senior Bowl. During the season, he also showed off by putting up some big numbers, including two interceptions (North Carolina State and Miami) and 21 solo tackles.

Most importantly, Fletcher has a great amount of self-confidence. If there is ever any doubt in his ability, Fletcher has no reservation in proving it wrong. It is that mentality that took him so far at Boston College and will take him further at the next level.

What is the strongest aspect of your game?
I would say it would my physicality as a cornerback and being able to jam receivers at the line and also being well rounded enough to cover the quicker receivers. I am a very well rounded CB.

How do you feel you did in the Senior Bowl?
I feel like I did really well. Coming from Boston College where we played majority zone coverage, I feel like I needed to prove I could play man-to-man. I definitely feel like I proved that I can play man-to-man and did it against the top competition in the country. Coming into the season, I was ranked within the top corners but experiencing an injury set me back. It was good to come into the Senior Bowl and prove I am an elite corner and can play with the best of the best.

What is the most memorable part of being a Boston College Eagle?
Two memories that really stand out are first being nominated captain by my peers. It is such a compliment to be voted in by your teammates.  Secondly would be when I was able to participate in the ACC Championship.

If you could compare your game to one NFL CB, who would it be?
I would say my game has many similarities to Nnamdi Asomugha of the Philadelphia Eagles. We are both physical CBs who have the ability to jam receivers at the line and cover effectively as well. Also, he can make tackles on ball carriers.

Who is the best WR you have faced in college?
I would have to say WR Hakeem Nicks from UNC. He was fast and an unbelievable playmaker.

If I were an NFL GM, why would I want to pick CB Donnie Fletcher?
You would want to pick me because I am a competitor and well-rounded CB. I am a big physical CB and at the same time, I have the ability to drop back and cover the quicker receivers.

Where are you training for the NFL Draft?
I am training with Fischer sports down in Arizona.

Pre-game music: Drake
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite NFL team: The team that drafts me

Interview by: @NFLDraftInsider and @HelloErinMarie
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  1. Donnie was snubbed from the Combine. Whoever does the selection process should be fired.

  2. I had the chance to meet Donnie during Senior Bowl week; what a smart, fine young man and a good representative of BC. He was genuinely delighted to see an actual BC fan/alum way down in Mobile.

    I'd heard that he had a decent Senior Bowl week, but the actual game wasn't terrific. However, by then most impressions had been made and the scouts, etc., long gone. Best of luck to him.